Scott Rogers – Branding a Jewellery brand that transcends

by Hover Creative

Scott Rogers, a brand inspired by the metaphysical, the timeless and the ethereal.
Working closely with Scott himself and his team, we developed a brand that connects with his approach and his work in bringing moments in time into eternity through timeless pieces of premium jewellery.

Going beyond a static logo, we focused on developing a flexible visual identity system where the brand's initials travel freely through a diamond grid. As chakras that activate or aural fragments that elevate into different planes. We end up with a system that can expand or retract.

A pulsing, vibrating pattern is brought to the brand further connecting with the transcendental atmosphere and combined with a minimal colour scheme and typography translates into a high-end, bespoke brand.


Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Gabriel Celuque, Thiago Nogueira

Design Company

Hover Creative

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Scott Rogers

Design Team

Talita Duarte


Individual Credits

Photography: Gustavo Yoshida