Mantaro Tattoo Studio – Art On Skin

by Hover Creative

We were engaged by Guilherme Baccarelli and his team to conceptualise and develop the brand for his new Tattoo Studio. As a new venture looking to occupy a unique positioning within the local market, they required the development of its concept, from the venture's name to art direction.
The project called for a different approach rarely seen in the tattoo industry while maintaining its appropriateness. Originally from Brazil, Guilherme had the vision of a studio that transcends its location and a brand that would connect with his South American roots.

Starting from the name, we looked at the founder's background and vision. The nascent of the Amazon river, Mantaro is the beginning of something great–A force of nature.
We designed a monogram that encompasses all of the name's characters with cues of a tattoo gun, along with a custom logotype.
The extended letterforms add to a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, bringing hints of fashion brands rarely seen employed in the tattoo industry.
We paired it with simple messaging that carries the studio's vision of being creative-led while its colour scheme represents their expertise in black-and-grey tattoo art.


Gold in Logos 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Gabriel Celuque, Thiago Nogueira

Design Company

Hover Creative

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Mantaro Tattoo Studio

Design Team

Gabriel Celuque, Thiago Nogueira, Talita Duarte