To live, one must be alive - Awareness campaign for Redes da Maré

by Shoot

Located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Maré is a complex made up of 16 slums and over 140,000 residents. In addition to precarious housing conditions, health racism and other denied rights, the population suffers from police repression almost daily. The operations are violent, injure human rights and make their victims – often innocent: in 2019 alone, Complexo da Maré faced almost 300 hours of police operations, with one person killed every 8 hours.

The campaign "To live, one must be alive" was created to show that the lives of the residents of Complexo da Maré matter. In a reality of a lot of violence, our objective was to raise awareness and humanize the population that lives in the slums The main challenge was to develop actions that would inform the population about their rights in police approaches, but also draw the attention of the rest of the city to the repression suffered by these people. Based on that, we decided to use the right to dream as the basis of the campaign: in addition to needing to be alive to live, the population of Maré has the right to dream and to make their dreams come true.

With the concept in mind, we carried out a first step: collecting dreams that would be used as inputs for the campaign, in which we interviewed different residents of Complexo da Maré. From there, the visual identity of the campaign was born from the power of the concept phrase created for the action. The composition between the hands and the concept gains weight with a bold, sans serif font, expanding the previous versions of the actions that already used the shade of green as its unique color – facilitating the identification of police officers in interactions with the community. An orange...


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2022

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Redes da Maré

Design Team

Luciano Braga, Marcos Oliveira, Manuella Graff, Vitória Melissa, Fernanda Almeida, Francine Ramos, Nicole Mengue, Kalany Ballardin e Ana Porazzi.

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Entrant Companies

Shoot, BR


Redes da Maré, BR

Individual Credits

Creative Leader: Luciano Braga
Art Director: Marcos Oliveira
Design and Visual Identity: Kalany Ballardin