Glow Your Worth Journal: A Continuous Voyage to Self-Love

by Pixels and Relish

Determined to create "more than just a journal," Sonia De Fazio (author & art director) envisioned a book design that would visually inspire her audience into joining her on their own personal journey to self-love, acceptance, and gratitude. The project's goal was to create a book that would emotionally resonate with readers and set the foundation for personal exploration.

Moved by the honest and infinite beauty of the birth of love, Sonia envisioned her book to radiate simplicity alongside symbolic themes tied to the ocean — a childhood place that she holds deep meaning and connection to. Inspired by the following excerpt from the book, Valerie Damen (designer & illustrator) custom illustrated a collection of 111 continuous-lined illustrations to perfectly complement each self-love affirmation.

"I was immersed in a solitary rendezvous with sunshine and sea, with a newfound sense of belonging to the waves. I trusted the ease in the push and pull of the water. I surrendered to its infinity; its uncertainty, polarity and power. There was something about the combination of land, sea, and sun that felt spiritual and peaceful. Whatever this force was, I was a part of it too. I knew my connection ran deep. It was pure bliss and happiness. My heart was full. Just as I was. Me and sea."

The continuous linework in these symbolic drawings visually inspires an entwined path of discovery and growth. Similar to connecting with the flow of the ocean, the minimalist stylization of each illustration carries a sense of serenity and peacefulness — enhancing the theme of unconditional love.

From hand-drawn sketches using tracing paper to digitally refined doodles, every detail in the book was artfully and thoughtfully considered: 
1. The cover design was intended to spark curiosity and trust.
2. The simplicity of the font was selected...


Silver in Illustration 2022

Bronze in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Valerie Damen

Design Company

Pixels and Relish

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Sonia De Fazio, bSocial Communications

Design Team

Valerie Damen, Pixels and Relish: Book Designer & Illustrator Sonia De Fazio, bSocial Communications: Author & Art Director


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Pixels and Relish, CA


bSocial Communications, CA

Individual Credits

Book Designer and Illustrator: Valerie Damen
Author and Art Director: Sonia De Fazio