Yuen Sek Chinese Tableware

by Hong Kong Design Institute

Inspired by Nature with Joy

Yuen Sek, is a set of tableware meets the need of modern Chinese dining culture.
The tableware not only reflects the natural beauty form of stone; ergonomic is also well-considered.

Soup bowl and dish are designed to reduce the stress of our wrists when serving.
Rice bowl and chopsticks are designed to pick noodles easily.
Leaf-shaped spoon can be rest on table in a hygienic position.
Tidy bowl, for bones, underneath the hexagon sauce dish helps to maintain a pleasing dining experience all the time.


Gold in Product or Gadget Design for Social Change 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

LIU Shing Kai

University or Design School

Hong Kong Design Institute

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Individual Credits

Project Tutor: Beam Leung