Fordrich Fur & Leather House

by Eyescream Ltd.

Fordrich is an old brand in Hong Kong who does leather & furs trading business for over 25 years.
Director of the company, Johnnie Lau, wanted a revamp on the old-fashioned website.
The brief was short: Be young, be new, be international and be beautiful.

Hence, the website was composed of beautiful vibrant colors representing the diverse choice on the leathers.
There is no duplicate layout design throughout the whole website, which every section is a new look.
The content structure has been paid extra effort to strengthen the story-telling, with a focus on the balance of text and images.
Specially designed animations aim to make the website energetic and attractive, so as to keep the interest of people to browse on.


Silver in Website Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Mak Siu Fai

Design Company

Eyescream Ltd.


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Design Team