Standard Chartered: Evolving a financial leader into a Go-to Brand for the world’s most dynamic markets

by Lippincott

How do you enable an established financial brand to reflect its true strength as a global powerhouse while effectively communicating across sixty countries? This was the challenge Standard Chartered brought to Lippincott. ​

The bank has been on the cutting-edge of financial expertise across the world’s most dynamic and diverse markets for over 160 years, with headquarters in London and a unique footprint across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. ​

With a legacy of evolving its capabilities to meet and exceed client needs across this range of diverse markets, Standard Chartered recognized that its existing brand no longer reflected its aspirations or ongoing digital transformation. This, coupled with the need to connect with a younger generation of wealth creators, sparked an opportunity to evolve. ​

Lippincott partnered with Standard Chartered on a full-scale evolution to develop a digital-first brand that communicated the full breadth and power of its network, drawing in new audiences and inspiring​
the bank’s existing base across the globe. ​

The Trustmark, Standard Chartered’s symbol for over 50 years, was redrawn to be simpler and bolder. It builds on existing visual equities, while pivoting towards a digital-first future. It is a symbol of unity, crafted with simplicity in mind to perform across a wide variety of platforms and formats. The accompanying logotype is set in lowercase to convey approachability, using a customized typeface that expresses generosity through its wide aperture, and echoes the angularity and bespoke elements from the Trustmark. ​

Since Standard Chartered’s presence across diverse geographies​ and markets has led to regional, informal monikers for the brand,​
the symbol acts as a beacon to drive recognition and consistency wherever it’s seen in the world. The evolved brand also champions the bank’s commitment to sustainability by elevating the ‘here for good’ promise, giving...


Gold in Branding 2022

Silver in Banking & Finances 2022

Silver in Typography 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lee Comber and Dan Vasconcelos

Design Company


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Standard Chartered

Design Team

Stefan Fillip, Senior Partner, Director of APAC​ Simon Glynn, Senior Partner, Strategy​ Lee Comber, Senior Partner, Design ​ Dan Vasconcel...

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Individual Credits

Senior Partner, Director of APAC: ​ Stefan Fillip
Senior Partner, Strategy: Simon Glynn
Senior Partner, Design : Lee Comber