Through Their World

by Beihang University

They just see the world in a different way.

Zhu Lingjun, who will become the first blind graduate student at Fudan University, said: "I thought I had lost my light and could not see the whole world. However, I find more and more that I can shine and even become a light for others."

Book compiled from the "four hands play blind" to "lifelong devoted himself to the cause of the blind Helen Keller" and so on a series of blind miracle, intermediate body from top to bottom from inside and outside of the paper the overlying formation, enclosed formation "bamboo" (ring), the overall convey the characteristics of blind children, tenacity, constantly grow, jointing stage and create a succession of miracle. The viewer can break through the bar that seems to separate them from the world and see the perseverance of a blind child and the miracle of a blind person.


Silver in Book Design 2022, Student

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Beihang University

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