Madalena Radio - Branding

by Megalo

Rádio Madalena (Madalena Radio) is a place for a community to share ideas and raise awareness on issues regarding the Vila Madalena neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. This initiative started to come to life when people that live and work in the neighbourhood began to volunteer to help preserve the area.

After taking a closer look at the issues discussed on its shows and understanding their strategy and plans to grow, we came up with an expression that references lambe-lambe street posters and stencils, which are very typical in the area. We then composed an array of collages that allowed us to explore the diversity that we see on the streets of the neighbourhood and the conversations we listen to on the radio.

This new identity brought social awareness to the brand’s universe and communicates the importance of the collective struggle that keeps this non-profit organization alive. With an established brand that clearly represents its purpose, this project keeps gaining credibility and more supporters and partners. Therefore, Rádio Vila Madalena can improve its operations to advocate for the good use of the neighbourhood and actions that generate positive impact on local business and the whole community.


Gold in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Paula Fioretti, Rodrigo Deligi, Samuel Oliveira

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Radio Madalena

Design Team

Paula Fioretti, Rodrigo Deligi, Samuel Oliveira, Diego Cavinatto, Leonardo Moreira, Edyelk de Sousa, Rodrigo Tedesco, Daniel Sabino

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