by Temasek Polytechnic School Of Design

aroundtheworldwideweb brings users the Internet’s latest and greatest pop culture content, such as trending memes, the most viral videos and the latest fashion trends. This helps keep people engaged and updated with trends, especially with the pandemic situation as people would have another fun website to entertain themselves with. The website follows a space theme as a play on the term 'cyberspace'.

To put a spotlight on developments in arts, design, science and technology, the latest inventions or topics will be featured. This keeps users updated on the newest developments and pop culture, which is largely referenced in current day. They can also look forward to viewing the world from a very modern lens and being in the know, regardless of the user’s age.

All users will able to explore the world of internet culture in a fun, consolidated and easy-to-use website.


Silver in Website Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Caitlyn Chew

University or Design School

Temasek Polytechnic School Of Design

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Individual Credits

Student: Caitlyn Chew
Lecturer: Michelle Kam