by Savannah College of Art & Design

Swift is a smart shopping cart able to display the interior layout of a grocery store and guide customers through their route, sourced from a pre-selected shopping list they set up through a mobile application. Swift allows people to self-checkout as they shop, using a weight sensor and a barcode scanner integrated into the cart. Customers can pay through a payment method linked to their account or use the credit card swiper attached to the cart. It provides the opportunity of upselling and advertising while giving stores more revenue and control over crowds and lines.


Silver in Interaction Design 2022, Student

Silver in 3D CAD 2022, Student

Silver in Logos 2022, Student

Silver in Technology 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Maik-Sebastian Rieffenstahl

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art & Design

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Design Team

Sullivan Wilcox, Satchel Hallmark, Jonathan Sanchez & Leonardo Caballero

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Individual Credits

Project Lead: Maik-Sebastian Rieffenstahl
Interaction Lead: Sullivan Wilcox
Visual Lead: Satchel Hallmark