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We began this website redesign experience with a comprehensive brand visioning session. Our current site just didn’t feel like “us.” It didn’t capture the breadth of our service offerings or how creative storytelling was really one of our biggest differentiators. It didn’t show the culture of the people--a culture that leadership had been careful to cultivate by only hiring nice people with a serious drive for creativity and collaboration. None of this was apparent in the old site.

After our brand visioning session, we came away with three big ideas: 1) we needed to create value as a true creative consultancy, 2) the brand identity needed to stay authentically linked to our roots, and 3) the people here are our power. To that end, we resolved that the new site must tell deeper stories about our creative solutions and their impact. And that we must simplify the message with confidence and let our authentic personality shine through. We had learned in our session that Neoscape’s personality is the differentiating factor against the competition, so we needed to show it. We also realized along the way that by showing this personality, we would help solve some of our difficulties in recruiting.

To tell deeper stories about our creative partnerships, we had to be very restrained about the work we showed. What we showed had to tell a story very quickly about our value as a creative consultancy. The pages and pages of grids of renderings, logos, and websites of the old site just weren’t telling our whole story. We wanted to add in personality from the team, fun copy, and stunning visuals to entice visitors to stay on the site and learn more. It was also critical, being a professional services firm, that we demonstrated to clients how we understood their...


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