pepper: A refined smart home experience

by argodesign

The smart device landscape is large and continues to grow. Today, everything from cars to light switches to thermostats is smart—enabled with higher functions that bring convenience to our lives. But each device comes with its own app, locking the consumer into a single ecosystem or specific suite of devices. pepper solves this limitation with a smart home platform that controls a host of third-party devices from one tool.

When we began our design partnership with pepper in 2014, we recognized the opportunities and challenges of designing a product for a burgeoning market. The team of designers at argo’s Amsterdam studio helped pepper create a user experience and a unique product roadmap that would result in a highly flexible IoT platform—not only for consumers, but also for their enterprise brand partners.

This simple yet powerful solution allows enterprise brands to take advantage of interoperability across IoT devices and services without introducing any added software cost or hassle. The pepper smart home platform brings third-party devices under control from one centralized experience with ease.

With flexibility as the guiding principle, we created a tile-based architecture to allow for a wide range of service and feature possibilities. This created a seamless way to expand and organize any range of devices, monitor activity, and take immediate action when needed.

An inventive design concept and a shrewd go-to-market strategy have given pepper incredible adaptability to respond to the rapidly evolving smart home marketplace. As more services, like home security and emerging technologies, enter the smart home landscape, new device categories are easily integrated into the platform. pepper has gracefully accommodated new enterprise brand partners, like Sprint, who now powers the cloud-based wifi camera on the Sprint Home network.


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

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