by Shillington NYC

I was tasked with designing the brand identity for a fictional analogue photography store in Melbourne’s Fitzroy district. The store would offer a curated range of products as well as group photography workshop sessions. The client’s desire was to create a lively environment for clients of all levels to learn and practice the imperfect art of analogue photography. They wanted to stay away from obvious retro aesthetics and camera-based clichés.

I chose to specifically target creative people that feel frustrated because they haven’t found their ideal creative outlet yet. What might deter them from photography is the feeling that everything has been photographed already, so I decided to change the narrative: photography isn’t so much about what you’re aiming your camera at, it is about what is in your head. Photographers are merely using the real world as inspiration to create imaginary worlds. The lens becomes a portal to these mysterious worlds, and a truly expressive (albeit imperfect) image of these worlds can only be captured on film.

I turned to the rich graphic world of esotericism and looked for solutions that felt mystical and contemplative. I landed on a brand name, Visions, that equates the photographer to a soothsayer, and on a gate-shaped logo enclosing a camera diaphragm and the brand name (set in All Round Gothic). I then reused the logo’s round shape and a specific grain-based image treatment to show how photography reveals the truth. A single accent color is used for titles, which are set in Pangram Pangram’s Migra. Supporting copy is set in Neue Kabel. A few star-shaped graphic elements provide support where necessary.


Gold in Merchandise Design 2022, Student

Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Silver in Retailer 2022, Student

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Simon Fréour

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Shillington NYC

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Analogue photography store (fictional)


Individual Credits

Graphic Design Teacher: Kim Melvin
Graphic Design Teacher: Thiago Eichner