Studio Zen Wallcoverings

by Tsushima Design

They are a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of unique and exceptional wallcoverings.Most products are made in Japan and made by hand by a Japanese craftsman. I expressed Japan with the first impression and finished it for the visual which got a lot of looks.By a visual letting you image a Japanese national flag, it unfolds with red white and thinks that I can express a quality of Japan very much.As one tool to appeal to for a Japanese traditional, delicate technique abroad, I made this special envelope.

Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
Hajime Tsushima
Studio Zen Wallcoverings
Design Team
Art Director:Hajime Tsushima Creative Director:Yukiko Tsushima  Designer:Hajime Tsushima,Yukiko Tsushima Photographer:Takeshi Shimizu

Creative Director
Yukiko Tsushima, Tsushima Design
YukikoTsushima, Tsushima Design
Takeshi Shimizu, JOY
Art Director
HajimeTsushima, Tsushima Design

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