Murals for Diversity

by Boston Consulting Group

We were asked to design four large-format murals that would serve as centerpieces throughout several floors of a regional corporate hub. The collection of murals needed to authentically reflect elements of community and diversity, that are meaningful to Nexus, the BCG Atlanta office.Nexus celebrates and elevates our individual differences that come from all parts of the world. While placing an emphasis on the real beauty that comes from our unique identities and is shaped by cultural heritage, race, unique experiences, gender, and language. Nexus welcomes the diverse set of ideas and creativity that can only come from varied perspectives. We are all part of the world; peace, harmony, freedom, and happiness come from recognizing the beauty within.For this reason, we created a concept that represents us all as humans, recognizing uniqueness, that we are part of this world; that we are art, that we are all windows to a world full of color, stories and experiences.
Our main Hall mural is made of ten windows. Each window has a portrait that is divided in two. This represents how multifaceted, complex and layered we are as individuals. We have so many similarities that tie us together as well as differences that make us thrive. All of the participants in this project, portrayed a kaleidoscope of personalities and cultures, highlighting in each frame their own backgrounds, likes, interests, beliefs and feelings, resulting in a beautiful piece of art that portrays the depth of our identity as humans. Diversity and inclusivity bring vibrancy to our team, and affords the opportunity to learn from one another. We strive to embrace and value our differences because it’s what makes Nexus a vibrant and inclusive space.The use of mirrored elements represents the reflection and inclusion of the viewer in the mural. We used...


Design for Social Change of the Year 2022

Gold in Illustration 2022

Gold in Typography 2022

Gold in Illustration for Social Change 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Johana Jimenez and Ben Parlier

Design Company

Boston Consulting Group

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BCG Nexus

Design Team

Cecilia Villegas Nava Valeria Conty Rachel Noto Kendra Murray Arielle Sanders Daniella Astudillo Javier Storch


Individual Credits

Senior Creative Strategist: Vanity Adams
Senior Project Manager: JaNee Allen