Making QR codes fun

by Thackway McCord

Every holiday season, we at Thackway McCord create a series of chocolate bars as gifts for friends and clients. This year, after almost two years of the pandemic we all just needed a little fun. Soulless QR codes have become ubiquitous during covid, so we set to work at making QR codes into something else, something that would make you smile. What started as abstract QR code patterns became, through serendipitous experiments, something fun and cute, namely our mascots Bean, Rosie and Fox. We set up the page thackwaymccord dot fun with stickers and totes of Rosie and friends and created 8-bit style gifs, Bean is already of some renown as an Instagram Giphy sticker.


Gold in Digital Design 2022

Silver in Character Design 2022

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2022

Bronze in Illustration 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kevin Grzejka

Design Company

Thackway McCord

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Design Team

Kat McCord, Kevin Grzejka

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

Thackway McCord, US


Thackway McCord, US

Individual Credits

Lead Design: Kevin Grzejka
Creative Direction: Kat McCord