American Society of Radiation Oncologists (ASTRO) Issue Advocacy Digital Advertising Campaign

by Reingold

Reingold worked with ASTRO to develop a digital advertising campaign to build support for legislation that would stop a reduction in Medicare payment for cancer care services by radiation oncologists.

Our initial key insight was to focus campaign branding on the specialty of radiation oncology, not the organization. With hundreds of health care organizations - and high credibility of physicians – it was critical to focus the campaign on the physicians, the care they provide to patients, and the impact cuts would have on patient outcomes (“Radiation Oncologists Save Lives”).

Our second key insight was to position radiation oncologists as “America’s Cancer Doctors.” There are many types of cancer physicians. Positioning the specialty this way simplifies the messaging as there’s no ability to “explain” what a radiation oncologist is in the advertising. This positioning also elevated the specialty as a leader relative to its peers and increased its voice by speaking for the entirely of the oncology physician community (which supported ASTRO’s position on the legislation).

Our final key insight was to eschew ad placement on traditional Washington, DC policy media channels (e.g. Politico, Roll Call, The Hill) for programmatic ads that geotargeted Washington, DC health care policy influencers. This resulted in a ~90% reduction in advertising costs as we achieved a $6 CPM while the DC policy channels typically charge about $60 CPM.

Our campaign consisted of three ad flights which delivered 10.58 million advertising impressions, generated 3.57 million completed 15-second video views and 5,563 landing page visits. As a result of these efforts, which aided the Society’s significant government relations lobbying strategy, reductions in payment for cancer care services were delayed and reduced.


Honorable Mention in NGO & Non-Profit 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jose Caicedo and Kerry Greco

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American Society of Radiation Oncologists (ASTRO)

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