Spread the Love

by Dschwen LLC.

VW tossed us the keys with the direction to create miniature-scale social videos with enough pickup to spread love to a global audience. Through three unique executions, we served-up content capable of standing on its own, while keeping all three unified in their approach to both elevate brand and meaningfully engage a wide range of viewers.


Mobile Design of the Year 2018

Gold in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2018

Gold in Mobile Ads 2018

Created by:

Design Director

David Schwen

Design Company

Dschwen LLC.


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Design Team

David Schwen, Jessica Ekstrand, Patrick Murphy


Entrant Companies

Dschwen LLC., US


Volkswagen, DE

Individual Credits

Production Manager: Jessica Ekstrand, Dschwen LLC.
Sound Design & Music: Scott Brittingham, Pull
Copywriter: Patrick Murphy, Dschwen LLC.