by Motto

“Greetings From” is a postcard series designed by Motto for the Google Merchandise Store.
Every Google campus has a store dedicated to “all things Google'' to entice visitors, brand fans, and Googlers to take home memories of their time onsite. This postcard collection was designed by Motto to commemorate the individuality of each Google campus and serve as a collectors item for those who visit. The illustration style is cheery and playful with a quirky modern-nostalgic vibe. Designed in a postcard aesthetic, the artwork is also made into mini puzzles, stickers, totes, notepads, pens, and other exciting merch.

Motto designed four postcards in this series: Mountain View, Sunnyvale, New York and Dublin.

Mountain View features the well-loved Stan the Dino with his plastic pink lawn flamingos and the famous outdoor Shoreline Amphitheater with trademark tents. Sunnyvale, in the original Silicon Valley, is decorated with California flowers and a Google campus food truck. New York City features the city in all its bright-night glory, the Google campus’ iconic scooters, and, of course, the subway station Googlers use to make their way to work. Dublin’s artwork contains the city’s prominent Samuel Beckett Bridge and the kayaks that can be found on the River Liffey outside of the offices.

To focus on the playfulness and heart of the Google brand, Google-centric coloring with accent colors of aqua, pink, black, and white, all tints of Google colors were used in the design. Additionally, it features prominent typography with hand drawn lettering decorated with location-themed elements, all of which is featured through the design for each city to create a cohesiveness through Google’s growing number of worldwide campuses.

Motto designed four postcards in this series. The initial two, high-tech sister cities Mountain View and Sunnyvale, are currently available for purchase. New York and Dublin have...


Gold in Merchandise Design 2022

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Allie Kuzyk, Global Program Manager; Vicky Ho, Head of Global Amenities Team

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Hsiao-Han Chen, Steffi Lynn Tsai, Ashleigh Hansberger, Sunny Bonnell


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