Sesimi — Marketing Magic

by SomeOne

Sesimi, formerly MyAdBox, is a fast-growing Australian martech and SaaS business pioneering creative marketing automation in the region. With the evolution of its game-changing product, plans to increase global presence and a significant series A cap raise, Sesimi were looking to radically broaden their reach.

A relatively young category, the brand management space is saturated with competition, and being a smaller player in the market Sesimi challenged SomeOne to help them raise their share of voice. In facts their exact words were ‘we want to go Kanye on the category’.

We were brought on board to help create a brand strategy, name and brand identity system that truly reflected the magic behind the product to marketers and designers alike.

Their unique point of difference lies in automation. Their one-of-a-kind platform empowers marketers and creative teams to create, manage, share and publish on-brand content in seconds, using smart algorithms that make the more mundane tasks, feel like magic.

A strategic lens centred around the line “Menial made magic” leads the way for the brand. The idea of technology as an enabler of magic informed every aspect of the brand, including the new name – Sesimi.

Every element of the brand world has been conceived to disrupt and steal attention; from the deliberately eye-watering, ‘electric’ colour palette to the rippling brand patterns inspired by the product code, matching headline typography and choppy motion style. It’s hard to look away. And that’s the idea.
The brand has been built to move, to come alive in every application, whether moving or static.

The bespoke typeface (Sesimi Rebond) comes with motion embedded into it, meaning it moves in real time, as live typography within Sesimi’s digital touchpoints.

The design system also drills down into the platform interface, where it operates in light & dark modes,...


Gold in Technology 2022

Gold in Branding 2022

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tom Dabner

Design Company


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Design Team

Julien Bertouille, Sophia Noh, Adeline Ang, Josie Young

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Individual Credits

Strategy: Josh Manning
Account Direction: Sonia Uznadze
Motion: Never Sit Still