Why We Need Net Neutrality

by Vimeo

On July 12 2017, Vimeo stood with activists and like-minded companies in a day of action to support the existing net neutrality rules, built on a court-approved legal foundation (known as Title II of the Communications Act). Vimeo also filed comments with the FCC. Creatively, we were briefed to produce a call to action video campaign asking the public to join and make their voices heard. Vimeo's Net Neutrality Campaign was widely shared via social media and advertised natively on Vimeo's website, leading to Battle For The Net. https://www.battleforthenet.com/ Why do we care? Vimeo is the home to so many makers, watchers, and all-around internet video lovers. Net neutrality makes sure there is room for creativity and equal access for any internet user. File comments with the FCC and spread the word to keep our internet free, open, and wondrously creative.

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Elisa Solinas
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Elisa Solinas, Vimeo
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