by Harajuku DESIGN Inc.

"ancora" is its own brand store selling fountain pens and stationaries.
Nowadays digitalisation and Information & Communication technology has been progressing rapidly.
On the other hand, "ancora" focuses on the revival of analog/in person communications.
"ancora" reconsiders these analogue values which your own way of writing, drawing from your heart, providing "Fun", "Thoughtful consideration to others" and "Surprising" of stationeries.
Providing a special experience such as customisable fountain pens that can be combined in 200,000 ways and ink blending using a cocktail shaker.


Gold in Retailer 2022

Gold in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Keiichiro Yanagi

Design Company

Harajuku DESIGN Inc.

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PLUS Corporation.


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Keiichiro Yanagi
Art Director: Keiichiro Yanagi
Graphic Designer: Joséphine Grenier