Zahara Luxury Eco-Resort

by Raffles Design Institute

Zahara as a five-star luxury eco-resort with Zahara’s first property and home-based in the Andaman, the brand is a pioneer in sustainable “barefoot luxury” as we seek effective ways to reduce carbon footprint in non-commercialized, and remote places. We use locally sourced woods and raw materials in the building of the resort. The main strategy for global expansion is to spread our eco-resort into other locations that are untouched, places. We implement the Brand Positioning Framework methodology
to assess Zahara in its market industry. The User Persona is to position our service to meet the specific needs of our targeted customers.The 2D modular approach is implemented into individual sections of the floor plan. Its benefits are to increase product quality and decrease negative environmental impact.

Our New Zealand proposal’s main strategy expansion to build our eco-resort at Awaroa is to reach the untouched non- commercialized remote place of New Zealand. Hence, this promotes our exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience in the uncharted and off-grid experiences at our eco-resort. Therefore, this brings the original biophilic design to our guests and provides them with community activities, and promotes local cultural art and cuisine activities, workshops, and adventurous excursions and team bonding for the solo backpackers, newly married couples, families, and corporate and business travellers. We attempt to maintain our competitive advantage by providing our guests with luxury, comfort, and experience with a better value, with our innovative products, services, and facilities, while remaining in the highest quality. Our free and lifetime membership encourages our customer’s loyalty to enjoy a different experience in our New Zealand eco-resort.


Bronze in Logos for Social Change 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Digital Art for Social Change 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Hotels & Resorts 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Interior 2022, Student

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Tienny The

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Raffles Design Institute

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Lecturer: Jack Liew
Lecturer: Queenie Chan Lee Min