Hand Lettered Invitation

by InFocus film School, Vancouver, Canada

This invitation to a garden party/fundraiser for the Calgary Country Club features a hand lettered pun, “A garden will always root for you,” and asks that those invited come root for the organization in return. The central lettering is inspired by a daisy, while the script lettering uses organic, lyrical lines for a natural and romantic tone. The complementary colour palette recalls that of a purple daisy, while the subtle gradient in the background gently spotlights the central flower imagery while aiding movement throughout the composition. The artwork was painted by hand on canvas, then traced in Adobe Illustrator.


Honorable Mention in Lettering 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Cecilia Urrutia

University or Design School

InFocus film School, Vancouver, Canada

Design Team

Cecilia Urrutia