by Shillington Education

This brief consisted of developing a new brand identity for the Cup Noodles Museum.
The museum is the home of instant cup noodles and the inventor Ando Momofuku. The visitors can enjoy a different range of activities from kitchen classes, make you own cup noodles, theatre, tasting room, instant noodles exhibitions and more.
The name Kappu means "cup" in Japanese. Cup noodles are often referred as Kappu men by Japanese people.
After a deep research about the history of cup noodles, museum demographic, the competitors and the city of Ikeda, Osaka I established tradition, culture and connection as the keywords for the brand.
Taking the Japanese minimal art as a source of inspiration, the design concept is based on exploring noodles as lines that represent the connection between the museum, Japanese tradition and the visitors. A minimal colour palette has been used for high impact and a more unique interpretation of the brief that stands out from some of the modern Japanese cliches.


Gold in Branding 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Cesar Rodriguez

University or Design School

Shillington Education

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Cup Noodles Museum, Ikeda