Yesr of The Tiger Collateral Campaign

by Ping Xu

The collateral campaign of "Year of The Tiger 2022" was designed for the Office of International Admissions & Student Services (IASS) of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley for IASS's Lunar New Year 2022 event. The collateral campaign includes an event logo/mascot design, a gift bag design, a T-shirt design, a poster design, an instagram post design, and a couple of web banner designs for IASS official website and Facebook page.

In China, the Tiger is considered the king of all beasts as it symbolises power and a great deal of nerve. It is also a symbol of luck considered to be an embodiment of positive energy. Inspired by one of the Chinese traditional folk art forms, Cloth Tiger, I created a logo and tiger mascot for the event and converted the mascot illustration to two three-dimensional tigers by applying one of the 3D features of Adobe Illustrator. The concept of the design is hoping and seeking a peaceful and fortunate new year to the world.


Silver in Digital Design 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Illustration 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Poster and Brochure Design 2022, Freelancer

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Ping Xu

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