by SJI International

The word "incendium" is a noun for a crime corresponding to but of a wider scope than arson. As a Chinese person, there is no greater unfilial crime than a love that is not pragmatic; that does not lead to marriage. Incendium, marked and censored by the Chinese word for tenderness (柔情), is a freeze-frame of a love that is curious, hushed, and burning red.
Illustrations about love are often loud- myriadly colourful and shivering inferno; dripping crimson clover and daydream. But there is something about the softer side of intimacy: the clandestine and murmuring flashfire, gnawing shame and steady hold that is, above all, tender.


Silver in Illustration 2022, Student

Honorable Mention in Digital Art 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Marielle Ang

University or Design School

SJI International