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In a world ever-accelerating towards an autonomous future, user acceptance of automation technology is crucial to realizing its forward trajectory. In the automotive industry, automation is of particular concern due to the potential safety and efficiency benefits it may provide. While the engineering and manufacture of core technologies to support this function are both large factors in the automation's efficacy, little attention is being paid to educating consumers on these technologies as they become available. Inflammatory news articles cite single autonomous crashes as a tragedy, while every day, 90 people die in fatal crashes from non-autonomous vehicles. Users are primed by media and personal experiences to eschew automation in their personal lives and would rather let someone else take the risk with new technologies.

To better reach those users, we've made Revolution: a product that prepares users for the upcoming revolution in Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). Revolution is a showroom simulator that acclimates users to the controls, terminology, and overall experience of operating an AV. Users are guided by a retail associate to customize their driving experience, selecting options that change the behavior and driving style of the vehicle. They customize the interface to their taste, and are then guided through the main interface of the vehicle. After the introduction, they start the simulation. The user is given a test track to learn how to control the AV and test its handling. After the user feels comfortable, the retail associate has the option of multiple different scenarios they can load up to show the user how the AV reacts to certain edge cases, such as an oncoming vehicle, construction, fauna in the road, EMS interaction, or all in one big experience. After the user is done, they're given a card that holds their user preferences to be scanned by their new...


Silver in Interactive Design 2022, Student

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation for Games 2022, Student

Silver in Technology 2022, Student

Silver in Product or Gadget Design 2022, Student

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