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Despite over one million new vehicles sold in Australasia each year, the process of buying a new car is outdated, uncomfortable and time-consuming. With a lack of digital solutions, buyers are being told when and how to buy – feeding a negative stigma already attached to the automotive industry.

After working in the industry for almost a decade; Jack Harley was tired of working in what felt like a very old-fashioned approach. Especially since innovative technology-first solutions seemed to have modernised almost every other industry.

Yourcar’s mission was to help this aging industry evolve alongside customer’s expectations; give transparency to buyers with a more personalised experience, and just as importantly, empower passionate car dealers to sell more vehicles.


Our biggest challenge was designing a solution that didn’t just add value to new buyers, but was also a tool dealerships could effortlessly adopt.

Through customer interviews and roleplaying the experience, we gained invaluable insight into just how tired the current model was, and what aspects we could automate.

To our surprise, only 33% of those we spoke to said on-road costs were a major factor in their buying decision. The majority prioritised personalisation, convenience and an overall efficient experience.

One way we met these expectations was by designing a customer dashboard where buyers can manage enquiries, review and compare offers, and even book a test drive – allowing buyers to easily make suitable decisions at a pace and location that works for them.

Understanding that 89% of new vehicle sales are sold on a finance plan, we designed a comprehensive pre-approval process within the platform. This empowers buyers to privately and securely obtain finance without the paperwork, and awkward conversation with a dealer.

For dealers, Yourcar needed to be as low-touch and unobtrusive as possible to ensure adoption at...


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