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Trinity is a sales training and consulting platform removing guesswork and exposing insights to help sales teams close more deals. By harnessing the power of customer feedback, Trinity delivers concrete change and improvement across all aspects of the sales process. Born from Trinity Perspectives, we helped digitise previously manual processes to take their company to its next evolution.

For over a decade, Trinity Perspectives have been supporting sales teams by getting to the bottom of why they’re winning, or why they’re losing. Last year, founder Cian Mcloughlin realised the opportunity to digitise their offering – allowing them to scale the business and reach more clients across the globe. The result: Trinity. To create a solution as strong as its original reputation, we needed to create a user-friendly solution that empowered salespeople to take on the constantly shifting landscape of B2B sales. Our goal was to design a functional, accessible, and trustworthy online portal that allowed users to easily and confidently digest sales insights, and a new brand identity to represent this digital solution.

Trinity’s business model took the time consuming, the expensive, and the complicated, and made it fast, affordable, and easy; this was used for visual inspiration for our overall design approach. It was all about simplicity of shape and form (including typefaces), emotive movement, and a refreshed colour palette balanced against negative space.

As Trinity Perspectives had already established strong and successful company values, we needed to find a way to reflect these in the new, modernised design of Trinity. We took inspiration from their key value points: Truth, Tools, and Transformations, and combined those with Trinity’s brand persona: Innovative, empowering, trustworthy, and bold. Firstly, we assigned each value point a relevant colour and created a gradient blend that flows through the logo’s soft triangular symbol. Truth: Purple,...


Silver in Technology 2022

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Joide Kennedy

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Aaron Birch, Scott Kennedy, Jacky Jiang


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