by Pratt Institute

“Crease” highlights the special bonds between clothes and their owners. Clothing is alive with signs of wear. As it is passed along, it grows. It’s no longer a simple object that people discard without hesitation, but a precious gift of time and life with a unique track record.

This project aims to develop branding and visual solutions for “Crease”.

The identifier is developed by using shapes of original and organic creases on clothes. This unique treatment applies to the icon system for the four main parts of the brand. Each of them is assigned one secondary color to distinguish from each other.

Traditionally, the word "crease" comes with a non-positive sensibility where it calls for being removed or smoothed out. In discovering and highlighting the positive characteristics carried by creases, a different level of understanding is thus created altogether with the visuals of the brand. Challenging but positive energy is injected into the brand which asks for users to re-evaluate their common perception of both the word "crease" and the creases that occur in their lives.


Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Bronze in Fashion Brand 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Mengyao Zhang

University or Design School

Pratt Institute