Seed & Soil Singapore

by The Apostrophe S

A branding project for Seed & Soil, a healthy beverage and dessert store based in sunny Singapore. Seed & Soil believes in eating food in its most natural form and that's how its name came about - a seed is the most natural form and the soil is what nourishes and helps the seed to grow. The logo itself takes on a hand-drawn look and feel to highlight this idea. Other collaterals make use of a clean and simple design to allow the vibrant colours of the products to stand out. Our photography style for Seed & Soil uses a lifestyle approach and make use of natural lighting for an organic and natural look. Our branding efforts can also be viewed on our instagram -

Silver in Branding 2018

Design Director
Shawn Yeo
Seed & Soil Singapore
The Apostrophe S, SG
Seed and Soil, SG

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