Nusoul Branding

by South Dakota State University

Nusoul is a flavored antioxidant drink that is health conscious while also promoting loving yourself and who you are. This was a team project with two other designers. We wanted a product that helped our consumers who want to stay healthy to do just that, but also provide flavor and doesn't necessarily seem like a health drink at first glance.

We came up with the name Nusoul to help consumers remember it is their soul to love and take care of, and our product can help tap into a "new" soul so to speak.

Our logo and packaging was created by rose schmidt. our brand manual and website was designed by mallory geeseman. my personal contributions include promotional drawings, stationery design, ad campaign, cardboard crate design, and commercials.


Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Bronze in Beverages – Other 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kenzie Shubert

University or Design School

South Dakota State University

Profile Website

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Project Website

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Design Team

Rose Schmidt, Mallory Geeseman, Kenzie Shubert


Individual Credits

Professor: Young Ae Kim
Designer: Rose Schmidt
Designer: Mallory Geeseman