Chinati Art Museum

by ArtCenter College of Design

Chinati Art Museum (formerly Chinati Foundation) is a contemporary art museum located in a small desert town Marfa, Texa. Based on the ideas of the founder Donald Judd, it preserves and presents the collection of permanent large-scale installations by a select group of artists. “As a museum in which art, architecture, and the land are inextricably linked, Chinati is in a unique position to invite visitors to experience Chinati outdoors.” The Chinati Art Museum logo reflects Judd’s vocabulary of forms: Stacks, Boxes, and Progressions. The dynamic movement of the logo is utilized to communicate remarkable experiences at the museum, and the color palette is inspired by Chinati's iconic architecture and the surrounding land.


Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jisu Kim

University or Design School

ArtCenter College of Design

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