HUMER is a golf wear brand that making clothes geared toward performance and style. The brand name ‘Humer’ comes from the French word ‘breath’ and it refers the breath with a healthy inner body.

We applied the core value "Simple, yet Significant," to all branding materials such as product, packages, websites, and social media, etc. People can experience a consistent and unified concept throughout the brand from product to real usage.

‘Humer’ gives its simple image based on black and white color theme, and highlight the breathing concept with its unique blue color and translucent materials. By breathing together their own lifestyle, we deliver a special and unique brand experience to young beginners.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022

Gold in Branding 2022

Silver in Fashion Brand 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Dongjin Woo

Design Company


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EASTEND Contents Group & Design Team