Branding Category

Entry Title:

JJ&Co Brand


Professional Branding



Design Director:

Josh Walz

Design Team:

Andrew Fisher Gregg Henry Lacey Picazo Hannah Greene Sara Riedel


ZoCo Design


Jeff Johnson & Company

Individual Credit:

Sara Riedel, Designer, ZoCo Design

Individual Credit:

Josh Walz, Designer, ZoCo Design

Individual Credit:

Andrew Fisher, Design Director, ZoCo Design

Individual Credit:

Lacey Picazo, Founder & Principal, ZoCo Design

Individual Credit:

Gregg Henry, Developer, Triple G Interactive

Individual Credit:

Hannah Greene, Designer, ZoCo Design

As custom jewelry designers, Jeff Johnson & Company prides themselves on the artisans creating the work. The mark was inspired by the handcrafted qualities of the heirlooms they create.