Nintendo Motion Graphics

by Texas A&M Commerce

I was tasked with creating a fictional tv ad for Nintendo, celebrating Super Mario's 40th anniversary. My idea for the animation was to feel like someone was looking at a digital database in the future. Looking at what a Gameboy looked like and what it used it for. The beginning opens up to animating lines showing what the A and B button on the game boy does. It then zooms into the game boy screen, where a Mario game plays across the screen, revealing the Nintendo logo. I focused on adding textures, shadows, and highlights using expressions and texture overlays. Fixes made from the last portfolio were shortening the length of the video and speeding up and slowing down some of the sense in the animation. I also fixed the logo and centered it more in the middle of the screen.


Gold in Computer Animation 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Paloma Rodriguez

University or Design School

Texas A&M Commerce

Video (direct link)

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