by Tsushima Design

The concept of this sake is to enjoy the way of enjoying sake called "aged cold sake" with an art label. These are Japanese sake. The concept of this sake is an art label. The character stamped in the middle is Kanji. It is written in Japanese kanji as "mountain(YAMA)". It is a mountain of the product name "Yamagata".
By valuing the impact and redesigning it, the word "mountain(YAMA)" has been put on the entire surface so that the product can be easily understood.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Hajime Tsushima

Design Company

Tsushima Design



Design Team

Hajime Tsushima, Yukiko Tsushima


Individual Credits

Art Director: Hajime Tsushima
Designer: Hajime Tsushima
Creative Director: Yukiko Tsushima