American Vascular Associates Rebrand

by Mad Men Marketing

Synergy is a driving force behind the industry-leading healthcare model delivered by our client, American Vascular Associates. Thus, we dove into the creative process of reimagining how we could seamlessly convey that synergy from a design perspective.
American Vascular Associates, as an innovator in the healthcare industry, specializes in creating a synergistic model of outpatient solutions that is both physician-driven and patient-focused. Their mission is to take the burden of the business responsibilities off of the care provider, thereby enhancing their ability to return to their original purpose: improving their patients’ lives through superior healthcare.

Here at Mad Men Marketing, we understand the importance of a rebrand. We understand the importance of conveying a business’s values and beliefs in something as simple as a logo, as consumers may form an opinion after little more than an initial glance.
That’s why, when we rebranded American Vascular Associates, we remained committed to never losing sight of who they are. Specifically, our goal was not to start from scratch but to elevate their existing brand by making it more dynamic.
First, we decided to utilize the existing icons in a way that better represented the company. We accomplished this by embracing the flow of the ribbon in a path that formed the initials of the company while integrating gradients that added depth to the overlapping ribbon. Additionally, we considered the five stars as an integral feature of the new logo, as they represent what American Vascular Associates refers to as their Five Pillars:

1. Development
2. Center Management
3. Revenue Cycle Management
4. Marketing and Branding
5. Joint Venture Partnerships

Next, we reimagined the typeface, changing it from a traditional Helvetica to something a little more modern and condensed. A halftone flag pattern was created as a design element that we implemented throughout...


Silver in Medicine 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Bronze in Logos 2022

Honorable Mention in Icon Design 2022

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James Chakhtoura

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