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by Ellen (Chengcheng) Huang

MakeSpace is a late stage startup focused on disrupting traditional self-storage by providing on-demand pickups and deliveries.
MakeSpace homepage was designed back in 2017. The style was outdated and the components were not consistent with the new design system. Besides that, MakeSpace has grown quite a lot in the past few years, both the services and markets have expanded. It's time for a refresh.
As the sole product designer, I worked on user research and designing a new MakeSpace website. To make sure mobile users also have the same engaging experience, I took a mobile-first approach for this responsive web design. The new homepage is a big improvement in terms of content, visuals and interaction. Besides this modern and engaging design, the homepage also communicates information much more effectively.
The new design was released in early 2021. Since the release, we’ve seen a notable increase in the conversion rate and customer satisfaction.


Honorable Mention in Website Design 2022, Freelancer

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Ellen (Chengcheng) Huang

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