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Simply put, clinical and management software globally available to healthcare professionals fell short. This was a huge issue considering up to 40% of their workday consisted of low-value, repetitive tasks like scheduling, billing, reporting, and note-taking. Small teams are left to continuously juggle a range of single-feature or legacy programs and manual processes – creating further complications around information and workflow silos that drive staff burnout, deliver poor client experiences, and cost lives.

With a problem this clear, our solution needed to be just as simple: provide the first healthcare ecosystem for small-scale teams and their clients, at a consumer-grade standard.

So, we created Carepatron; a beautiful healthcare workspace taking the admin load off practitioners by automating and optimising their low-value tasks. Carepatron serves elegant experiences with client engagement, workflow, billing, and payment automation through secure and empathetic HIPAA-certified telehealth tools.


The need for this style of intuitive software was clear, but we couldn't design a truly effective solution for the global community without first discovering their fundamental needs and wants.

So, from the start, we collaborated with 700+ healthcare professionals to gain invaluable insight and co-create Carepatron. Together, we ran behavioural interviews and questionnaires – ensuring we not only met the basic needs of our community, but built on them, resulting in a platform they would love to use every day. Then, we tested an MVP solution with 234 healthcare teams across 9 countries, including NZ, Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America.


Early on, we discovered that a lack of modern software meant practitioners regularly used insecure and outdated tools. Therefore, our design had to cater to all skill levels and be accessible across different devices, resolutions, and screen sizes. The result: a sophisticated yet simple user experience, focusing on common UI patterns to bring a...


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

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Jodie Kennedy

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Scott Kennedy, Ashley Keen

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