Basquiat, Colors of Explosion

by Miami Ad School Atlanta

An experimental publication design composed of the timeline of an extraordinary journey of the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and his creations, laden with colorful imagery. Basquiat throughout his whole career always drew back to his street-based beginnings, with the fusion of graffiti and painting ultimately becoming one of the most distinct features setting his work apart. As part of the neo-expressionism movement, Basquiat’s work features heavy use of colors and direct reflections of his emotions and views, which often got associated with feelings of anger and a strive for rebellion within the artist. A lot of inspiration for the graphics and typography came from urban scenes of 80’s New York. I have tried to incorporate a lot of scribbles and brushwork often found in Basquiat’s work which is typically rapid, seemingly primitive and unfinished, and marked by heavy impasto. Through typography and graphics, I have tried to match and express his mind and his surroundings. This book preserves the same fresh and revolutionary aura of Basquiat that defined New York’s art world in the 80s while celebrating his legacy, a man who lived his life filled with a wild explosion of colors.


Gold in Book Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Annie Bhardwaj

University or Design School

Miami Ad School Atlanta

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