Transforming Nassau Cruise Port

by Rachel Chea

Nassau is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, receiving 3.7 million passengers per year. Positioned as a gateway for both The Bahamas and the Caribbean, Nassau has an important role to play in the cruise industry. Nassau’s port has long been a target of negative feedback with complaints centered around the decade-long renovations that have done little to alleviate the intensely congested, chaotic terminal. In 2019, Nassau Cruise Port (NCP) began operations as part of a consortium with Global Ports Holding (GPH). This new direction promised a transformed waterfront with the redevelopment of the port expanding beyond the wharf itself with the aim of integrating downtown Nassau, creating catalytic business opportunities for Bahamians.

With a targeted completion of 2022, the port needed diverse signage throughout the premises to both inform, direct, and entice the public. The first of the deliverables were construction banners that encased the perimeter of unsightly construction zones. These 16x8ft panel banners communicated safety information, COVID-19 health requirements, and renderings of the completed project. I pulled on branding elements from both NCP and GPH to give a united front with even representation. Graphic elements were used to simulate continuity between panels so there was no obvious break between them, allowing for additions to be made as construction zones expanded. I then created signage for the temporary arrivals facilities including welcome signs and banners, wayfinding, restroom and sanitation, building identification, floor markers for social distancing, banners for a canopy structure leading to the ships, a step and repeat backdrop and photo props. Wherever possible, I sought to incorporate colloquialisms into signage to give a sense of place; I wanted it to feel authentically Bahamian but ultimately sleek and inviting. The signage created for the facility was also designed to compliment the custom murals that...


Silver in Promotional Materials 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Branding 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Wayfinding 2022, Freelancer

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