Digital Art Category

Entry Title:



Professional Digital Art



Design Director:

Kamil Nawratil

Design Team:

Kamil Nawratil, Javier Cruz (sound desigm)


Volvox Labs


Day For Night Festival

Individual Credit:

Kamil Nawratil, Creative Director, Volvox Labs

Timespace is a site-specific video projection installation exhibited at the inaugural Day for Night Festival, in Houston, TX. Using dynamical systems generated in 3D animation software, VVOX Creative Director of Volvox Labs, Kamil Nawratil takes the viewer onto a journey through visual landscapes evaluating sense of time across different phases of development. Further continuing his exploration on the hybrid connection between technology and organic systems, the journey is situated through colorful, microtubule worlds within an emergent sonic landscape. Projected imagery toys with a sense of scale, color and movement to let the viewers immerse and discover their sense of time. The installation was exhibited at Silver Street Studios, Corridor Galley December 19 - 20, 2015.