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Entry Title:

Duality - A Dolby Art Series Commission


Professional Digital Art



Design Director:

Kamil Nawratil

Design Team:

Kamil Nawratil


Volvox Labs


Dolby Gallery

The artwork Duality was commissioned by Dolby Art Series. The Dolby Art Series is a collaboration with 22 international artists and design studios. Each artwork is inspired by the two half circles of Dolby's iconic logo mark. 'Duality' explores Creative Director of Volvox Labs, Kamil Nawratil's interest in simulating natural systems in digital form. Using a procedural workflow allowed him to illustrate the inner workings of nature and create a beautiful symbiosis of brightly colored sculpted particles. Final artwork submission was a 60"x 60" high resolution rendering. At the closing of the series, the piece was reproduced and exhibited in a collective gallery show at San Francisco Design Week. Most of Narwratil's art works are an exploration into our natural world that are in turn, translated into new expressions whether in digital art, fine art or physical forms. Translating these explorations into a unique aesthetic is made possible by using different types of technologies. The simulation for Duality generated an image that looks like it is in constant movement.