Cleo & Canary

by Swinburne Online

The aim of this project was to develop a design, branding and packaging solution for a new whisky distillery from Sydney, Australia. The main goal is to expand and diversify the audience for whisky drinkers to develop a distinctly feminine brand and to fuel positive social change within the whisky drinking community. An important element being the creation of a visual design aesthetic that it is recognisable, innovative, and enticing, and facilitates diversity and inclusion.
It was important to represent the solution in a feminine way, but I wanted to steer away from 'traditional' feminine concepts - such as gentle, polite, and pretty imagery. I wanted to match the bold and proud imagery of other whisky brands but in a uniquely feminine way. The 1920's art-deco style provided a stylish and sophisticated edge to the brand, and the history of this era so closely aligns with brief and goals. Colours used hold great meaning, with feminist references in bright pink, and the sophistication of dark blue. Imagery is consciously diverse, showing characters across ethnicities and the gender spectrum.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022, Student

Gold in Illustration 2022, Student

Gold in Packaging Design for Social Change 2022, Student

Silver in Illustration for Social Change 2022, Student

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Lead Designer

Annabelle Radford

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Swinburne Online

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