WAM BAM Coffee Branding

by Crystal Oliver

Anti-morning people and intrepid travellers at heart Wendy and Ben ditched their corporate day jobs to pursue their dream of creating something small batch and sustainable. They see what they do as supporting art: creating something from nothing.

What lies at the heart of Wam Bam packaging design is bringing to the forefront the audacious quality of the Guatemalan coffee producer’s efforts; the beans are intensely strong and transparently sourced. With a lot of competition out there, the brand presence for the Bold Espresso is brave and impactful on the shelves.

The typography is boisterous and proud whilst the organic, playful and bright illustrated graphics embody the rich, hand roasted process. The colour palette is bold and warm like a good morning pick-me-up as the sun rises. A good cup of Wam Bam to set your day alight.


Gold in Beverages - Coffee 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Branding 2022, Freelancer

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Crystal Oliver

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