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by Coree Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Today, we are facing a serious low fertility problem all over the world. Korea's fertility rate is 0.84 in 2020, which is the lowest figure ever, and the global fertility rate is also decreasing by 1% every year. Under such circumstances, Ofmom brand provides a variety of services and products to support the birth of healthy children around the world. Life Ofmom APP is a gestational diabetes (GDM) specialized application that provides healthy fetal birth, pregnant mothers' diet, parenting knowledge, and health value management services based on 50 years of pharmaceutical backgrounds.
If there is an abnormality in blood sugar control during pregnancy, symptoms of gestational diabetes (GDM) may occur, which not only affects the mother but also brings bad effects on the fetus such as fetal malformations, giant infants, and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. Life Ofmom APP manages diabetes levels through simple and intuitive UI/UX for pregnant mothers to prevent and manage gestational diabetes. Also, It contains a message to encourage mothers to take care of their health and the birth of healthy babies with pregnancy information and useful knowledge.
In addition, Life Ofmom APP shows not only gestational diabetes management functions and parenting knowledge, but also provides 510 daily fetal growth changes illustration in real time according to consumer’s own situation, and provides information on the degree of development of the fetus at different stages such as the five senses. Besides, the app contains various functions supporting the more efficient care of infants and toddlers through breastfeeding contents, lactation records, and automatic alarms


Silver in Mobile App 2022

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

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Coree Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

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设计总监: 崔成国
设计总监: 潘大伟
插画师: 郑月