by Shillington London

This project is a rebrand of the Geological Museum in Barcelona to coincide with the opening of a new exhibition. The design inspires a more environmental message, reflecting the ethos of the museum and leads to a stronger connection to nature. During the process, I sourced underwater images to create a design that represents layers. I sought to create imagery of the earth's layers to represent the layers of history.
I also created a series of bright graphical elements like a colourful spotlight on a hidden part of nature, to represent discovery, curiosity and fragility.


Gold in Branding for Social Change 2022, Student

Gold in Logos 2022, Student

Silver in Merchandise Design for Social Change 2022, Student

Silver in Promotional materials for Social Change 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Audrey Albert

University or Design School

Shillington London

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Geological Museum Barcelona.

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Audrey Albert